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Feb 14

Happy Valentine's day!

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Happy Valentine's Day - This love song written by Big Swede & Dave "Razz" Rasmussen was Grammy Nominated 2008 after being recorded by Jerome Jackson (former lead singer of The Drifters) - but only made it through 3 of the 4 stages in the nomination process - It was still an honor to be in there - Me and Razz first wrote the track and recorded it for our record "3 Of A Different Kind" and I brought in one of my favorite vocalists Rod Jackson (Slash's Snakepit) to sing on it!


3 of a Different Kind – Falling In Love Again


Dec 14

Check out "3 Of A Different Kind" on Spotify

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Check out the record I did with my old friend Dave "Razz" Rasmussen a few years ago - Nice organic sounding record & great flavored guitars by Razz. Awesome vocals by Rod Jackson - on Spotify and other downloading sites:

3 Of A Different Kind - There's A Rhythm To These Streets



3 of a Different Kind – There's a Rhythm to These Streets








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