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May 29

"Aliens In Hollywood" video on "Starfleet Music Pool"!

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Nice feature of the "Aliens In Hollywood" video on "Starfleet Music Pool" - It's a hub for DJ's and new music - Check it out ( scroll to middle of page)!:


Big Swede - Aliens In Hollywood




May 05

Nice Feature & Review of "Consider Loving Me Next" on "Starfleet Music Pool"!

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This is what Captain Kirk from Starfleet Music Pool had to say about the track/video:


"""Check out this hot song & video by Big Swede, "Consider Loving Me" on Big Swede Studios.Hot sultry vocals, sexy female DJs & a hot Electro House track could have your dancefloors lit up throughout the Summer of 2011. This should do very well on mixshows around the globe as well. Check out the video & tell us what you think about this project."""





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