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BS In Da Club $19.98
BS In Da Club



Disc 1

1. BS In Da Club
2. Aliens In Hollywood
3. Consider Loving Me Next
4. Sophisticated Sleazy
5. The Man With The Silver Hairdo
6. The Scary OC Lady
7. Truth In Your Lies
8. When I With U
9. Conquer The World
10. Keeping It Unreal
11. U Is Talking Loco

Disc 2

1. Feel It
2. Sweep Me Away [BS Late Night Mix]
3. Brunette With Glasses
4. We Need To Regulate This Soul Music
5. Chicago Nights
6. Multiple Personalities
7. I Know You Want It
8. Love Love Love
9. Funky Aliens Pt. 2 [More Aliens]
10. Sophisticated Sleazy [BS Dirty Blonde Remix]
11. Destination Unknown
12. Molded Into Perfection

Price; $19.98 (plus Shipping & Handling)

BIG SWEDE $12.98
BIG SWEDE "Time Machine"

BIG SWEDE "Time Machine"

1. Intro: That's BS
2. Dial In A Station
3. Alone Anymore
4. Time Machine
5. Mysterious Woman
6. BodyShaker
7. Just Give Me More
8. Whatever Happened To You
9. Have Faith
10. I Believe (Encontre El Amor)
11. Staying Alive Without You
12. Luckiest Man In The World

With Guests: Rod Jackson, Reeves Gabrels, Natalie "Tali' Azerad, Jimmy "Z" Zavala, Johnny Griparic, Estani Frizell, Magnus Rosen, Dave "Razz" Rasmussen, Muffy Charles

Price; $12.98 (plus Shipping & Handling)

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Protecto $12.98
Protecto "Sonicnauts"

Protecto "Sonicnauts"

1. Protecto: Calling
2. I'm Always Ready To Entertain You
3. Anything Curry
4. Coyote
5. Tonight I Need You So
6. My Fibrillation
7. Charango D'Amour
8. Nightclub In Texas
9. Ballad For Mr. Morgellon
10. Protecto: Calling Over & Out

Reeves Gabrels- Normal & Abnormal Guitars, Fretless Bass, Delayloops
Stefan "Big Swede" Svensson- Drums, Perc, Samples, Loops, Key
Price: $12.98(plus Shipping & Handling)

3 Of A Different Kind  $12.98
3 Of A Different Kind "There's A Rhythm To These Streets"

3 Of A Different Kind

"There's A Rhythm To These Streets"

1. By My Side
2. There's A Rhythm To These Streets
3. Falling In Love Again
4. I Want To Love You
5. What's Wrong With You
6. Hayward Blues
7. Those Heels
8. Springtime Rain
9. I'm Sorry
10. Pawnshop For The Stars

Stefan "Big Swede" Svensson-Drums, Perc, Keys, Loops
David "Razz" Rasmussen-Guitars, Bass, BU-Vocals
Rod Jackson-Lead Vocals, BU-Vocals

Price: $12.98 (plus Shipping & Handling)

 Reeves Gabrels $12.98
Reeves Gabrels "Live...Late...Loud"

Reeves Gabrels "Live...Late...Loud"

1. Firedome
2. Standing
3. Accident Waiting To Happen
4. Bus Stop
5. Yesterday's Gone
6. Comeback
7. Dig A Pony
8. Arrow
9. Party Puppet Intro
10. Party Puppet
11. Trap

Reeves Gabrels- Vocals, Loud Guitar
Paul Ill- Backing Vocals, Bass
Brock Avery- Drums, Samples,Loops
Greg "Elroy" McMullen- Backing Vocals, Pedal Steel,
Baritone & almost as loud Guitar
Price: $12.98(plus Shipping & Handling)

Reeves Gabrels $12.98
Reeves Gabrels " Ulysses "


Reeves Gabrels " Ulysses "

1. Arrow
2. Lines
3. Thirteen Years
4. Jewel
5. Accident
6. Trap
7. Yesterday's Gone
8. Standing
9. Party puppet

Features performances by:
David Bowie, Dave Grohl, Frank Black and Robert Smith

Price: $12.98(plus Shipping & Handling)


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